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Traders Agency is the premier financial education resource for anyone looking to become better and more skilled traders. Created by traders for traders, our philosophy is to only teach tested strategies with the highest probabilities of succeeding in today’s market conditions. Regardless of where you are in your trading journey, we can help you get to where you want to go faster and easier. We also provide numerous free trading resources – such as our Stock Surge Daily newsletter – that anyone can take advantage of.

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I joined Insider Effects Nov 29th. I have learned so much since then. I have leaned how to limit my losses. The program has great learning tools to help you understand. Since December, I have sold 15 times with 6 stocks and have been for profit each time. I am up $987 on those sell orders. I recently enrolled in another program (Alpha Stocks). Right now holding 7 stocks and 1 option. There are live sessions of other programs you can watch or watch the recorded version at later date. Ross is down to earth and he speaks in a way that you can understand. If not, he is more than willing to spend the time to make sure you do. He does a great job of giving examples of the things he talks about. I am very happy with decision.

Sean N

These guys know what they are going. Also, they are very helpful and supportive of their customers. I was nervous at the beginning since the services are not cheap and I bought the most expensive bundle. But in less than 5 months I doubled what I paid to Trader's Agency and the account keeps growing. Now I only have to worry about how much taxes I have to pay, so don't rush to spend all your profits. Save some for Uncle Sam. The crew responds quickly to your questions and helps relieve your anxiety which you will certainly have at the beginning of your trading experience. Ross's team helped me navigate though very turbulent time on the market in August and September of 2023 pretty much unscathed. As long as Trader's Agency is in business I will continue using their services. I still have my day job and I am not quitting it. But it feels good to stop worrying about the money.

Vladimir Hantatuc

I'm happy I recently opted in to the Ross Givens's Trading Club at Traders Agency (at the best and fairest offer I could possibly get). I'm new to trading U.S. stocks and options on a regular basis but it doesn't matter, Ross does all of the hard work for me while I'm trading at my own pace (he knows how to trade successfully most of the time and I know that I won't win every trade. Fair enough). He and his great team share a lot of their trading experience in live sessions. Great job. Thanks a lot!

Philippe R

I started with Ross Givens and Trader's Agency GOLD in September of this year and have had some significant success on all but one of the trades he suggested. I have actually made 157% in profits over what I paid to join Traders Agency within my first 30 days. I am no stock expert and I want to know more about how to invest in the market. Ross's videos and strategy sessions are very insightful, and you can chat during the sessions to get his feedback. He's got all the tools at his disposal and has set up some good algorithms in order to help one understand the chaos and fundamentals to watch for in order to make a good investing decision. I have had other investment "helpers" that never yielded what I have within such a limited amount of time. I think Ross, and his team, is the "Real Deal"

Jim B

My experience with Traders Agency has been for a little over a month now. My experience trading stocks is very limited but is something I've tried several times in my life with no success and I am currently 70 years old. I include all this back ground so someone reading has some context to my opinions. I am impressed with the techniques and strategies used at TA and the education members are given on an ongoing basis. The education side has enlightened me far more than any previous studies I have done over the many years. I feel more prepared to make stock trades and how to limit risks while doing so. I've had two occasions to contact support at TA and was promptly assisted and really do count as a member. Thank you to Ross Givens and the rest of the folks at TA.

Mike D

This was my first online meeting with Ross Givens, and I'm really glad I finally responded to one of the Traders Agency's email adds -- almost blocked their emails :-). Ross goes at a good pace and will quickly answers our questions as he explains why and when to enter and more importantly exit trades. I'm really looking forward to attending at least some parts of the "Trades War Room" sessions in the future (may be difficult since I will be commuting to work during the opening bell -- on West Coast time). Thanks Ross!

Ray J

Fairly new to trading, but impressed with percentage wins. Not investing a lot but due to Fire Trader recommendations 54% gain ZIMV, 61% on YMAB and 97% gain with TIO. Ross and his team have kept pointing in the right direction with their buy and profit taking strategy. Thank you Traders Agency

George M

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